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Research & Development

PharmAbcine has a well-established innovative discovery system for the human diseases, especially cancers and inflammatory disorders. It holds an its own phage-based fully human IgG library for the discovery of novel therapeutics and has also well-experienced personnel resources. The company is developing a variety of mAbs against various cancer-related target proteins and especially TTAC0001, a lead mAb against VEGFR-2(KDR), is now studying in preclinical stage. PharmAbcine has also an innovative platform technology on next-generation bi-specific mAb and is exploring any cancerous molecular marker using its own cancer stem cell library.

Lead mAb - TTAC0001

TTAC-0001, a fully human anti-angiogenic mAb against VEGFR-2, was developed and being studied for application of preclinical study. The antibody showed potent anti-angiogenic efficacy against various cancer-involved experiments as well as cross-species cross reactivity in mouse model. Those characteristics give reasonable promise of being successful as therapeutics. In addition to TTAC-0001, a variety of mAbs against various cancer marker were developed and listed in our pipelines. TTAC-0001 is now under late stage of preclinical research.

Next-Generation bi-specific mAb - DIG-body˘â and PIG-body˘â

Dual specific antibody technologies, DIG-bodyTM and PIG-bodyTM, are being developed for therapeutic use. Those technologies adopted a full IgG format for single therapy, and showed effective efficacy, including synergy effect against different target proteins. Now, DIG-KT and PIG-KM are studying for preparing preclinical study.

Cancer Stem Cell Library

We have
1) a fully established system for solid tumor cancer stem cell isolation
2) fully established various cancer stem cell libraries for research and commercialization
3) fully established cancer stem cell-derived animal models for research and commercialization