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PharmAbcine at SNO 2020
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PharmAbcine participated in SNO 2020 which took place over November 19-21.  SNO 2020 is the largest neuro-oncology event 
in the world, with 2600+ experts from 40+ countries participating this year.

At this event, Dr. Lawrence Cher of Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center presented the final clinical report of the olinvacimab mono therapy study for rGBM patients.  He was the principal investigator for the phase IIa clinical study, completed in 2018.

Highlights from the report include:
-   Target patients: 12 rGBM patients above 18 years old with prior treatment with temozolomide chemotherapy in combination with radiotherapy and with no history of bevacizumab treatment.

-   Results: The treatment was well tolerated with no serious adverse events. 

-   Efficacy: Based on RANO criteria, efficacy data include 6 month PFS of 17% and DCR of 25% with steroid dose reduction.

-   Adverse events: The main toxicity was cutaneous haemangiomas in grade 1 or 2. The common toxicities seen with other VEGF directed therapies such as hypertension, impaired wound healing, and proteinuria were not seen in this cohort.

-   Pharmacodynamic studies showed significantly higher levels of angiogenic markers, particularly VEGF-A in those treated at the high dose cohort (12mg/kg). In addition, concentrations of VEGF-A, C and D were elevated in the patients with SD compared to those with PD.

What the results mean for the company.
-   We presented encouraging trial data to pharmaceutical companies and patients around the globe.  This could keep the interest in olinvacimab going for further developments.

-   Despite the encouraging data, we plan to concentrate our efforts in the mTNBC study in the near term for better use of our financial and human resources. 

We appreciate your continued interest and support.

PharmAbcine IR/PR team

Please check the attached file for details.


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