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Bio Connection Australia 2019
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PharmAbcine, a clinical stage immune-oncology company, today announced that Dr. Jin-San Yoo,

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PharmAbcine is invited as keynote speaker and panelist to give a presentation and panel discussion at Bio Connection Australia organized by INFORMA in Melbourne 

on August 19th-20th, 2019 

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Dr. Yoo will share the experience as follows:
1. Olinvacimab (previously Tanibirumab or TTAC-0001) Phase IIa with recurrent GBM trials completed on June 2017
(the last patient release) and completed with its CSR(Clinical Study Report) on March 2018.
2. Olinvacimab + Keytruda combo phase Ib with metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer ongoing trial.
3. Olinvacimab + Keytruda combo phase Ib with recurrent GBM ongoing trial. 

He also will share the preparation for next coming trials.

4. Olinvacimab phase II Avastin recurrent/relapsed recurrent GBM at Olivia Newton John Cancer Center in Melbourne joint trials with 
Stanford University Cancer Center and Florida Cancer Center in the States.
5.  Olinvacimab + Keytruda combo phase II with metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer global trial including Australia.
6.  Olinvacimab + Keytruda combo phase II with recurrent GBM global trial including Australia.  

Please check the attached file for details.


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