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PharmAbcine, a clinical stage immuno-oncology company announced that PharmAbcine is so proud to be a sponsor of the 11th COGNO Annual Scientific Meeting,
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Dr. Jin-San Yoo, chairman and chief Executive Officer of PharmAbcine will attend the conference to meet Dr. Anna Nowak (New President of COGNO) 
and Dr. Lawrence Cher (Previous President of COGNO) who were PI of Tanibirumab (TTAC-0001) phase IIa recurrent GBM clinical trials and active PIs for 
Avastin refractory recurrent GBM phase II Tanibirumab clinical trials, recurrent GBM phase IB/II Tanibirumab + Keytruda combination clinical trials,  recurrent GBM phase IIB Tanibirumab clinical trials.

PharmAbcine also sponsored for COGNO-ASM2017.

For investors attending the COGNO-ASM2018, please contact PharmAbcine Investor Relations and business development to schedule a meeting with 
management at  

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