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PharmAbcine, HREC Approval announcement Austin Health
  • Written by PharmAbcine
  • Written date 2019-08-23 09:43:50
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PharmAbcine, Inc.  Korea announced that the Austin Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) notified the company an 

approval of a phase 2 clinical trial of Olinvacimab (TTAC-0001) in recurrent glioblastoma patients progressed on Bevacizumab 

including therapy.  It is a multicenter, open-label study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Olinvacimab(TTAC-0001), 

a fully human monoclonal antibody targeting VEGFR-2 (KDR). Olinvacimab was granted ODD by USFDA for primary and 

recurrent GBM and the phase II clinical trials that are being prepared in Australia as well as in USA are the key clinical studies to

facilitate the processto bring the drug to market.  The phase II clinical trial will be initiated at Austin Health in Australia.


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